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Who Is Sherry Hodge?

She is a dynamic, experienced C.A. and C.A. trainer. Following five years as an all-around C.A. in the Ward Chiropractic Clinic in Danville, California, she taught nationwide with the Ward Management Program for 11 years. She was awarded “C.A. of the Year” and “I CARE C.A. of the Year” by the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation and went on to be awarded the “Parker Management Consultant C.A. of the Year”. Her total quality experience exceeds 40 years working with chiropractic offices.

How Does She Know So Much About Chiropractic Procedures and Scripts?

She’s been there on the front lines with the most- successful of offices and staff. She has helped develop the keys that work best in most offices. By performing “in house” evaluations nationwide she is intimately aware of the solutions to most practice challenges.

What Is She Doing Now?

She is currently conducting a thorough basic training program for C.A.s nationwide as well as contributing to State Association meetings and conventions. She is also available for “in house” practice evaluations and has audio tapes and a workbook for C.A. training in your office. She is available to go wherever she is needed to succeed in her “Crusade To Generate CAREER C.A.s.” She is currently semi-retired from seminars but available for personal consulting.

Where Are The Workshops?

Locations are no longer on a schedule.

A well-trained, motivated staff will make that wonderful difference in the stress level and success of your practice.
New base address: 1402 Troy Drive, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
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